Kid’s Point

Kids Point…where kids experience God and learn how to love him!

What We’re Looking For

  • Volunteers

    Thank you for checking out ways to work with CCLC kids. I want to invite you to come experience the spirit and joy of our children’s ministry, and you will discover what you can do to impact the lives of kids forever. Explore opportunities to get plugged in working with kids or behind the scenes, and come alive to what God just might do through you here at CCLC.

Tech Team

The tech team is a ministry dedicated to serving God with excellence and joy.
The tech team will be responsible for keeping up on current technology and trends.
The tech team will be responsible for the audio and video of the worship service.
The tech team will work as an outreach ministry to reach people through social media and the church website.

What We’re Looking For

  • Blogger

    The role for the blogger is to copy the newsletter articles each month for the first week. Post new article(s) the following weeks.

  • Booth Video Tech

    The role of the booth video tech is to make sure each worship service runs smoothly by ensuring the PC and related equipment are set up and operating properly.

  • Social Media Tech

    The role for social media tech is to create, retweet and repost messages that will help reach individuals to follow the church on social media sites and eventually visit the church.

  • Booth Audio Tech

    The role of the booth audio tech is to make sure the sound for the worship service is clear, uninterrupted and balanced.

  • Graphic Design Tech

    The role of the graphic design tech is to create is to create graphics for the announcement slides.

Journey Jr/Sr High

The Journey is a community of students that gathers every Sunday at 10:00 am and again at 6:00 pm at the Christian Church of Loudon County.

What We’re Looking For

  • Volunteers

    Come and experience what God is doing in the life of our student ministry and see how you can be a part of impacting the lives of these young men and women forever. If you’re interested contact Dustin at We’d love to sit down with you and have a conversation about what it would look like to be involved with what God is doing here at The Christian Church of Loudon County in The Journey.