School Again

School Again

So with August officially behind us we can officially say our students are on a consistent rhythm and are starting how to do school again. The other side of that is our students understanding the school year ministry rhythm. Getting our students to understand that we meet every Sunday and Wednesday again is always a struggle but it would seem we are all on the same page. On top of getting used to the school year they also have also have to get used to some of the new elements to our student ministry.

The first of these is our new service day every four weeks, our first service night was the 23rd of August and it was a great experience. We helped the KARM in Lenoir City for two hours, sorting clothes, placing items on the shelves, and cleaning up for the night. All of this to help our students think outside of their own lives and see the value in helping others in our community. The next service night will be with the Lantern Memory Care Facility in Lenoir City. If you have any suggestions on places we can help out as a student ministry please come and see me. 


The start of the school year is also the start to our planning and praying for TCTC in January. It seems like it is so far away but the reality is it comes up on us so fast and we can never pray enough about this event. This year we are praying for 30 students to come with us which would be an incredible victory for Gods Kingdom. Please join me in this bold prayer for God to move in our student ministry so that we can better do his work in our community. 

Without the love and support of the church body none of this would be possible, thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your donations (whether that be time or otherwise), and thank you for fueling the next generation of disciple makers. Remember to pray for 30 students going to TCTC.

     Thank you,

     Dustin B. Cooper

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