Loudon County Habitat for Humanity

Mission Report

Loudon County Habitat for Humanity

Loudon County Habitat for Humanity builds houses in partnership with low-income families and sells the houses to these families. Homebuyers are selected based on their need for housing, ability to pay a mortgage and their willingness to partner with Loudon County Habitat for Humanity. Their mortgage payments contribute to a fund for Humanity, which in turn provides the money to build more houses. Our houses are sold at no profit and principally built with volunteer labor.

Loudon County Habitat for Humanity is nonprofit, Christian housing ministry that works to eliminate poverty housing in Loudon County. We welcome individuals from any faith, who are willing to pickup a hammer to help families improve their lives through decent affordable housing.

Facts and Figures:

  • Thousands of volunteers, men, women and young adults are the life blood of Loudon County Habitat for Humanity.
  • Loudon County Habitat for Humanity is supported through generous donations from individuals, churches, businesses, foundations and others.
  • In operation since 1995, the Habitat Home Store is a major source of funds for building Habitat homes in Loudon County and volunteers provide approximately 90% of the workforce.
  • Habitat has built 111 homes since 1993. Has added over $9 million to the property tax base.
  • 35 additional homes have had repairs that allow individuals who own them to continue living in them.
  • Hundreds more individuals have made Habitat’s work possible by serving on their Board of Directors, serving on a committee, planning an event, and by donating funds for Habitat projects.
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