Fatigue Beating Tricks


Causes of Fatigue

Never getting enough rest because life just gets in the way is often the culprit and merits some deep introspection to re-align your lifestyle habits to ensure adequate rest, which ensures a healthy you.

While there are numerous causes of fatigue the most common include: Lack of exercise, medications, excess activity, lack of sleep, jet lag, alcohol/drugs and eating habits (Mayo Clinic, 2017).

Ask the following questions:

Are you getting to bed in time to allow 7-8 hours sleep?

Are you eating foods/beverages (caffeine, spicy, fatty, alcohol) that contribute to insomnia (WedMD, 2017)?

Do you allow rest time to unwind and de-stress daily?

Do you take medications that inhibit sleep?

Take a close look at your habits and assess where change is needed (WebMD, 2017).

Fatigue Beating Tricks

Recently, Tieroana Low Dog, MD (2017) identified some simple tricks to beat the fatigue that often strikes during the day —
particularly mid-afternoon.

First, start the day off with high protein food such as eggs, dairy products, meat and keep the carb load (sugars) very minimal.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day or eat water rich vegetables (tomatoes, cukes, peppers, celery) to ensure adequate
hydration which minimizes fatigue. Eat fatigue beating snacks in the afternoon for that needed energy boost such as chocolate,
coffee/tea, pumpkins seeds or fruit. Second, allow some rest time to de-stress by stretching every hour, if you work at a computer
blink 4 times each looking up, down, right and left to rehydrate and rest eyes. If possible, take a 15-30 minute power nap. Yes, this
can make a huge difference. Guess the cultures that routinely take an “ afternoon siesta” have the right idea! Third, use magnesium (Epsom salt) in a bath or foot bath — soak for at least 12-15 minutes. Magnesium flakes diluted in water in a spray bottle may be spritzed on the skin several times during the day. Magnesium deficiencies are known to increase fatigue.

Feeling fatigued, try a few of these easy tricks to snap out of it and beat the fatigue. Most importantly, give your troubles and
burdens to Christ in prayer. Matthew 11:28, Psalm 62:5, I Kings 5:4.




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