High Schoolers

High Schoolers

As I write this I am in the final stages of planning our trip out to Yosemite National Park with our high schoolers. At the closure of this final trip our summer together comes to a close and the new school year opens its doors to us so we have to shift gears. With new faces in our ministry and a deeper understanding of who Jesus is we have set the foundation for our students being back in school. The school year brings all sorts of challenges for our students, they have more excuses not to seek Jesus in their day to day life, and less time they can dedicate to that when they wanted to. That being said as a church here are some ways you can lift up this school year for our ministry.

             Every week during the school year we meet on Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights for both middle and high school age groups. Our Sunday night time is dedicated to encouraging a deeper relationship with Jesus (worship, teaching, discussion) you can think of that as the deep end of the pool where they learn to swim. On Wednesdays we are going to shift our focus to outreach, there will be 5 different events we do on Wednesdays, 4 are fellowship done at the church and 1 is service. Once every 5 weeks we will serve a local ministry instead of just our regular fun Wednesday or the kiddy pool. Students will be encouraged to use this time to invite their friends in the hopes that at some point they will want to learn how to swim in the deep end (no one wants to stay in the kiddy pool).

One of the ways we transition new students from splashing around in the kiddy pool to swimming with us on Sunday nights is through events like TCTC in January. I encourage you to pray with me for 30 students going to TCTC. I firmly believe that if we want to see a movement of younger families in our church we need to ask specifically where we want God to move. In years past we have taken somewhere between 13 and 15 students, this year I am going to ask God to double that.

With all of the craziness in our summer I may never find the time to thank you for all you do for our ministries, but I am immeasurably grateful. Without the love and support of the church body none of this would be possible, thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your donations (whether that be time or otherwise), and thank you for fueling the next generation of disciple makers. Remember to pray for 30 students going to TCTC.

           Thank you,

                     Dustin B. Cooper


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