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Smoky Mountain Christian Camp

Smoky Mountain Christian Camp (SMCC) is located in Coker Creek near the Tennessee-North Carolina state line.  CCLC supports this important mission.  

The SMCC tagline is “a place for God to do amazing things.”  Additionally, here are quotes from the SMCC website:

“We hope you will come and see the beauty God has created here on the border of the Cherokee National Forest. We have a seven acre lake, a beautiful chapel, and wonderful facilities. You’ll enjoy swimming, rope swings, canoeing, hiking, and all sorts of other activities. More important than anything, the setting provides a place to draw closer to God.”

“Our goal and our prayer, as always, is to continue to provide the best environment possible for our young people to hear the Gospel preached and to come to know God on a deeper level.”

The SMCC Summer 2017 events were scheduled for children from first grade all the way through high school seniors.  Their scheduled camps started in the beginning of June and continued through the end of July.   In addition to their scheduled events SMCC does Retreat Planning events for Christian groups & adults through their camp manager, Billy Clark.  All 3 meals for each group are prepared on-site in the SMCC kitchen.  As you can imagine this takes staff, planning and an efficient kitchen to serve all of these meals.

The most recent need SMCC has is a kitchen project to support their large numbers of campers including:

  • The purchase, delivery, and installation of the walk-in style refrigerator and freezer units.
  • 3-4 stainless steel commercial prep tables to add usable workspace in the kitchen.
  • The construction of a recommended awning over the units on the loading dock behind the kitchen.
  • 1-year maintenance warranty.

If you are interested in making an individual donation it can be taken at:

Whether you choose to support this mission financially or by prayer, we on the CCLC Mission Team hope this article has provided you with more knowledge about the SMCC mission.  We will continue providing you more information on all of the missions we support.

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