Keep our church moving

Elders Corner

Keep our church moving

During these last seven months as an Elder I have begun to see and understand more of what it takes to actually keep our church moving.  There are many moving parts working in unison, even though they are reaching out in different directions depending on what their focus is.  Whether it’s the Missions team, the music team, our youth programs, our outreach, or any of the others, the goal is the same.  They are all working to bring the love of Jesus to our community and to the world.

The love for Christ and the love for each other are clearly evident at CCLC and we are so blessed to have members and staff with such big hearts.  As needs in our church arose, I watched our membership step up and responded with prayer, money, food, time, and then often asked what more can we do!  It was a beautiful thing to see the love of Christ flowing through our membership.  His love is such a powerful thing!
In closing, I want to thank all of you, for all you do.  Continue to love and build each up.  Keep being cheerleaders and praying for each other.  Continue to focus on Jesus and show people His love no matter who they are or what their circumstances.  I appreciate each of you.

Your friend in Christ,


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