Collected some good stuff

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Collected some good stuff


                  Over the years, I have collected some good stuff from church papers and other sources that I have read or heard. On occasion, I pull out that file and read through them to catch an inspiration or find an illustration.

                  So this month, I want to share just a few with you:




“Watch your thoughts because they become your words,

Watch your words because they become your actions,

Watch your actions because they become your habits,

Watch your habits because they become your character,

Watch your character because it becomes your destiny.”


God’s Child


“I am God’s child.

I may be black, I may be white, I may be free

I may be uptight, but I am still God’s child.

I may be rich, I may be poor, I may be exciting,

I might be a bore, but I’m still God’s child.

Might be fat, might be thin, might be out, might be coming in,

But I’m still God’s child.

Mistreated, unseated, but never defeated!

Because I am….. God’s child.

I am God’s child!!


“Forgiveness is a wonderful idea until there is someone to forgive.”  

                                                                                                           (C.S. Lewis)


“If he be God, who died for me,

No sacrifice too great can be

For me a mortal man to make;

I’ll do it all for Jesus’ sake.”

(William McChesney, missionary to Zaire, Africakilled by natives)


“When I reach the end of my days, a moment or two from now, I must look backward on something more meaningful than the pursuit of houses and land and stocks and bonds. I will consider my earthly existence to have been wasted unless I can recall a loving family, a consistent investment in the lives of people, and an earnest attempt to serve the God who made me. Nothing else makes much sense. (Dr. James Dobson)


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