Joys in youth ministry

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Joys in youth ministry

June has started, and the chaos of herding cats is officially in full swing which brings much of the joys in youth ministry. The first piece of summer is going to be what we are calling Recharge, which is aimed at giving parents an opportunity to recharge¬Ě for two hours every day for a week this summer. During this time we will provide opportunities for their children in grades K-5 to build friendships, and have fun while still learning a little about who God is. If you know any families that would benefit from this, please feel free to invite them to our Recharge event from  6-8pm on June 5th-9th. Any questions can be directed to Dustin.

The second major event happening in the month of June, is going to be our Middle School Camp which is happening the 11th-16th. This camp is held by Smokey Mountain Christian Camp and will be led by yours truly! This camp will be centered around the idea of transformation. We are looking to have the campers walk away realizing that they are called to have more than just their personal lives transformed, but their communities, thoughts, and actions. This week will be filled with a good amount of games as well as great music and friendships that can last a lifetime.

All of these opportunities are thanks to the support and love of the people of this church. As we approach all of these events, please be in a spirit of prayer for not only our students, but also their families, and the other students and families that may be a part of these events. All in hopes of leading students and families to a relationship of true meaning with Christ. If you have any questions about any of these events, or if we can be of any aid to a student going to one of our events, please reach out so that we can find a way to have them with us.

Never forget the power of a simple prayer, prayer for our church, prayer for our families, prayer for our outreach into our community. With a consistent reliance on the Sprit there is no telling how God will use this faith family.

Thank you for all the support you constantly pour out on our ministry!


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