Hippo Valley Christian Mission

Mission Report

Hippo Valley Christian Mission

One of the missions supported by the congregation at CCLC is the Hippo Valley Christian Mission (HVCM). The ministry’s base is located in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe in the southeastern portion of Africa. Founded in 1956 by John and Marge Pemberton and Dr. Dennis and Lucy Pruett in what was formerly known as Rhodesia, the mission continues to thrive spreading the good news of the gospel and sharing Christ’s love. Surviving in a nation fraught with political change and poverty, the HVCM has endured the trials of difficult seasons and remains committed to serve the people across this struggling nation.

The human toll of poverty, hopelessness, lack of education and access to healthcare has left its mark on this small nation. As of 2009, the average life-span for men was 37 and 34 for women. Tragically, many children are left orphaned as a result. The people are in dire need of God’s love and provision of resources such as those provided through HVCM.

The work of HVCM touches lives through church plants, education, orphanages and medical facilities. Since 1956 the mission has been involved in dozens of new church plants across Zimbabwe and 4 in Mozambique. Dr. Pruett and a staff of nurses started hospitals and health clinics across southern Zimbabwe, with two clinics still operated by HVCM. The ministry houses children in two orphanages and runs a half-way house for orphans 18 and older still completing apprenticeships or work training. Impressively, the mission runs/supports 27 schools where over 18,000 children receive a Christ based education. Hippo Valley Christian Mission is also involved in discipleship training with their Bible College which prepares men and women for Christian leadership.

Wow! What a great work that is being done in Chiredzi by HVCM. Did you know that you can provide additional help by sponsoring a child’s education through the “Living Proof” program or go there on a mission trip to help. That’s right! Check it out at: www.hippovalley.org

Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all people,
Psalm 96:3

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